5 Must See Sites in Washington DC with Kids

Our nation’s capital is a must-see destination for family travelers. No matter what your interests are, Washington DC has something for you, whether you like the great outdoors, history, culture or museums, it’s all here for you to explore.

Our 3-day trip to Washington DC was packed with fun-filled adventure from start to finish. We saw all the major sites as well as the White House. The first time I went to DC was in college with some friends. We went down during spring break to see some crew racing and the cherry blossoms. I fell in love with DC on that trip and have wanted to go back ever since. Well, I finally got my family down there and boy were they glad we went.


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The Ultimate Treasure Hunt: Geocaching 101

If you or your kids like scavenger hunts, puzzles or hide and seek, then geocaching is for you. It's the ultimate treasure hunt and it can take you all over the world. My family and I started finding geocaches 3 years ago. The first one we found was about a mile away from our house and from that moment on we were hooked! The challenge of finding the cache and the thrill when found is a rush and will have you hooked immediately.

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