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Fun for all at Killington Adventure Center in Vermont

School is out and adventure is calling. Therefore, we decided to head up to the mountains and take advantage of all that the Killington Adventure Center has to offer. There are so many activities for the whole family, from the Woodward WreckTangle to a trampoline jump to alpine tubing to a high ropes course. Everyone in the family will find something they love at the Killington Adventure Center.

Family photo inside the gondola at Killington Mountain
going up Killington Mt in the gondola
View from the gondola at Killington Mountain
Looking down into the valley from the gondola

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The Killington Mountain Gondola

We were in search of some wide-open views so we took the gondola up Killington Mountain for some spectacular scenery. We could see for miles. It was fun pointing out different places we knew to our girls. They were amazed we could see so far and how much was really just trees. The roads are in the valleys and they seem to get swallowed up by the mountains. In other words, as far as the eye can see is just mountains which is OK with me. I enjoy seeing the trees, lakes, and mountain tops. When I’m ready I can go find civilization. If you like the mountains you can also check out my post on the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Killington Adventure Center

Since we were also in need of some adventure, we headed over to the Killington Adventure Center at Snowshed. They have two options for tickets, a single activity or a wristband-ticket which gives you access to all the rides and attractions on a single day. So depending on the amount of time you will be there and how many activities you would like to do, will depend on the ticket you should buy. We have started buying the wristband-ticket because the girls seem to go on the mountain coaster a lot. I think it’s their favorite.

Woodward WreckTangle

The girls needed to get out some energy so they started off the day at the Woodward WreckTangle. It’s a series of obstacles you maneuver through to get to the end. It’s similar to the show Ninja Warrior but a bit tamer. The girls have fun with the course. If they ever feel an obstacle is too difficult for them, they just release down to the netting underneath and walk to the platform before the next obstacle. It’s challenging enough for kids as well as adults.

Evelyn on the rope hill

Ainsley is in the front on the strap hills and Evelyn is in the back on the rings

Evelyn on the Wrecktangle zip line – wait for it…

Beast Mountain Coaster

As I mentioned before the girls love the mountain coaster. They are now tall enough to go by themselves. However, Ainsley doesn’t want to drive so they are content for the moment to go together. We will see if that changes in the future. They were singing this song on the ride up to Killington so I guess it was stuck in their heads. It is fitting though. It’s the theme song from the TV show Little Einsteins. The funny thing is, I don’t think they ever watched that show. If you have a long drive to get into the mountains like us, then you should check out my post on entertainment for the kids.

The girls singing on the mountain coaster

Of course, Clint and I couldn’t let the girls have all the fun. We had to play around in the Big Bear chairs the mountain had set up this year. It was fun to play Momma Bear and Papa Bear but a bit difficult to get into. lol

Big Bear chairs at Killington Adventure Center
Clint and me in the Big Bear chairs

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Ainsley on the trampoline
Ainsley on the trampoline jump

Trampoline Jump

The trampoline jump is another favorite for kids. The jump is equipped with enough rubber bands to handle both small kids and adults alike. There are four stations to jump so you shouldn’t have any lines. Ainsley was having fun doing some splints here. She did say she should have been wearing leggings because of the straps, though.

The Amaze'n Maze at Killington Adventure Center
Ainsley trying her hand at the maze.

Amaze’n Maze

The maze course can be challenging but fun. You pick up a maze passport at the lodge to find the four checkpoints that spell the word MAZE. The course is timed so you can race against your family members to see who can find the checkpoints first and get out. The first time the girls went into the maze they got lost and crawled under the panels to get out. However, they didn’t need to do that, there are people to help. Just look up and find one of the Killington workers on the rope course above and they will help you get out if you can’t find your way.

Skye Ropes Course at Killington Adventure Center
The Skye Ropes Course – 3 levels and 4 stories high!

Skye Ropes Course

The ropes course can be challenging if you don’t like heights. Starting off on the 1st level I’m OK but as I go up the levels I have a more difficult time because of the height. I don’t know that you can just concentrate on the obstacles, which are challenging enough without noticing how high up you are. It is a good activity for adrenaline seekers though.

Tower Jump

I’m not a big fan of heights so I can’t tell you why I keep doing things that require me to be high above the ground. However, after doing the rope course the man working the jump tower suggested I try it. It’s 3 stories high! I thought I could just casually step off the platform then glide down gracefully and land on my feet. Not really. You have no control once you step off that platform. I thought if I hold onto the rope then I could ensure I would land on my feet. Not really. I thought if I leaned forward then I would land on my feet. Not really. You really have no control. Luckily it glides you down instead of plopping you down. In the video, you can hear Evelyn cheering me on then laughing at the end when I’m lying on the ground. Thanks, kiddo.

Leeanne jumping off the tower

Zip Line Racer

Another activity I tried was zip lining. This, I have always wanted to do. It was exciting and a lot of fun. My family recommends wearing either pants or bike shorts for this activity, the ropes course, the tower jump, and even the trampoline jump so your legs are protected from the straps. The people running the zip line suggested I take 2 runs on the zip line and I’m glad they did. The first time I went down I was figuring it out. How to sit, how to go fast and slow. The stopping is automatic because they don’t want you to crash. I have to admit I enjoyed the second run more than I did the first run. I might even be brave enough to zip line over a valley somewhere else in the world. You never know when that opportunity might present itself. I will be ready.

Leeanne on the zip-line

The end of the day came too fast for us so we’ll just have to come back again. We didn’t get to try the Soaring Eagle so next time we will. We all had a great day checking out the Killington Adventure Center. Clint also mentioned he might bring his mountain bike next time and ride the trails. The mountain has a lot of trails to explore.

Band playing at the Killington Adventure Center
A band playing at the base of the adventure center

Cooler in the Mountains Concerts

The mountain also has a great concert series each weekend. Personally, I like to see bands in outdoor venues mainly because I don’t like loud music indoors. I’m sure I’m getting old when I say that but it’s true. Plus here you have the added bonus of the beautiful mountains that surround you. There is an outdoor bar tent that serves hot food as well as anything you’d like to drink. It offers a great place to relax and enjoy yourself at the end of a fun day at the Killington Adventure Center.

Have you ever been to an adventure center? What are your favorite activities? What is the scariest activity you have ever done?

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  1. Lisa Manderino

    This looks really fun, we have something similar in Park Ctiy, UT. I like going to the mountains in summer!

  2. Stacey

    This place looks great! We are tentatively planning a trip to New England next summer, so I’ll keep this in mind. The views are gorgeous, and the zip line looks fun.

  3. Liz

    The gondola ride looks so pretty!

  4. kmf

    What a perfect experience for the entire family to enjoy. I lived in Vermont for five years and miss the mountains!

  5. Heather

    This looks great. We live in Mass, so we should go check this out one weekend.

  6. Arianny Rodriguez

    Wow this is quite the adventure! What is the youngest a child can participate in these activities you think?

    1. Leeanne

      Yes, Arianny, younger children can do a lot of things here. They can go on the Beast Mountain Coaster with an adult. They can also ride the Alpine tubing, the Amaz’n Maze, there is a water wars station, I’m sure they will love the trampoline jump plus you can ride the chairlift up and down the mountain. There is also a playground right at the base of the mountain where all these activities are. Younger kids can still have fun. The thing I like about it is that all the activities are within sight of each other. So you can keep your eyes on multiple kids doing different activities which works out well for us.

  7. Briana

    What a fun place!! We are from New England and will have to add this to our summer bucket list!!

  8. Sarah

    So many things to do – how to choose??

    1. Leeanne

      It’s hard to decide what to go on first. We buy the wrist band ticket so we don’t have to choose to only do one or two activities, we can do them all.

  9. Lori Nielsen

    My older grandkids would love this adventure! My grandson always wanted to be on ninja warrior.

  10. jen

    Looks like a great and high adrenaline place!! I probably need to wait till my youngest is a wee bit older

  11. Jordin

    My adrenaline junkie boyfriend would LOVE this place and I’m sure would make me try all the things! The sky ropes course looks so FUN!

  12. Missy

    Yes, we love visiting adventure centers. I like the sky ropes. Scariest thing would be rock climbing in the wild.

  13. Taci- Life Beyond Zebra

    Wow. This looks crazy. I don’t think we have anything like this in Cali. How fun.

  14. T.M. Brown

    This is the kind of adventure my boys would love! I need to find something like this nearby. We used to live in New England and I should have sought this place out while we were there….looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  15. Marianne

    Wow! Killington Adventure Centre is getting added to my list! My kids would have an absolute blast… and so would Hubby and i! LOL. Not sure I would jump off the tower though! Did something similar after treetop trekking, and I thought I would be sick! LOL

    1. Leeanne

      It is a very funny feeling to free fall.

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