Welcome to In The Olive Groves, we’re so glad you stopped by.  We started this blog as a way to instill in our children the will to travel and explore the world around them. To understand and embrace different cultures and traditions and to see this beautiful planet of ours.

In the olive groves is also a way of traveling. Have you ever been somewhere that you feel at home? Really at home? While you’re away from your actual home? I experienced it when I traveled to Europe by myself and later, I taught Clint how to travel this way. Talking to the locals and finding out where the best Philly cheesesteak is. Sitting and having tea with the ladies of the town while they make handmade lace. Playing chess with the men in the main square. Finding a vineyard while driving through the countryside and buying a case of their wine without speaking a word of their language. These are the experiences Clint and I had before we had children. Now with the girls, we’ve only continued to travel this way and show them what ‘travel like a local’ means. I hope you stay awhile and experience traveling with us.

Get to know us better…

We are the Millers.  A family of 4; mom, dad, 2 girls, 2 cats, and a rabbit.  We live about an hour north of Boston, MA, and love to travel, try new things, and eat well.

Meet Leeanne

I am a native Long Island, NY girl.  I grew up on the water, whether on the beach or sailing on our small sailboat over to Fire Island to spend more time at the beach: we lived at the beach! I went to college for architecture and interior design and after spending years in that field, in NY, and Colorado, I decided traveling was more important.  I went to Europe to teach English as a second language.  I spent the next year and a half between Prague and Barcelona teaching kids and adults. That only fueled my passion for traveling more of the world.  After coming back to the states, I moved to Boston and met my husband through Match.com -yes, it really worked.  Lol.  

Fast forward 13 years and now we are a family of 4 with 2 cats and a rabbit.  We recently moved from Davis Square, Somerville, MA to a small seaside town just north of Boston and we’re loving the beach life, even in the winter.  It’s fun making snow angels on the beach at Christmas time.  My passions are traveling, photography, designing, and horses.

We’ve instilled the ‘will to travel’ in our kids and they love it.  I’m so glad!  Together we choose our destinations and off we go. Trying new places, adventures, and food.  Come along on our journey.  We hope you enjoy the ride.

Meet Clint

Clint is a native Bostonian.  Grew up in Lexington – yes, the famous town where the first shot of the American Revolutionary War was fired.  He went to UMass Amherst for business and has been in the tech industry ever since.  He’s a heck of a salesman and is excited to help write the food blogs.  He really enjoys cooking and skiing.  He’s forever voting to do more winter travel to various destinations around the world just to ski.  The only problem is that the kids and I aren’t as good at skiing as he is.  Maybe we’ll get there one day.  So many places to ski around the world.  His biggest bucket list item is to ski every ski resort in the world.  I think he’ll be skiing til he’s 80!

Meet Evelyn

Evelyn is going into 7th grader and enjoying all that our middle school has to offer.  She changes her mind every other week about her future career, but her passions are writing, science and social studies.  Her hobbies are horseback riding and skiing.  She gets her love of horses from me, which I fuel anytime I can.  We try to take a ride when available during our travels.  I’m hoping to get Evelyn’s help with writing some of the food blogs; giving her take of gluten-free food on the road.  Evelyn has celiac disease, so she has a unique perspective on ‘good kid-friendly gluten-free’ food.  She loves Italian food, especially pizza so watch out for her favorite pizza parlors on the road. 

Meet Ainsley

Ainsley is excited to be moving up to middle school as she enters 5th grader. Her favorite subject is art!  She loves to draw and do art projects.  She loves butterflies, bunnies, cats, and unicorns. Yes, unicorns!  She also loves horseback riding, skiing, and swimming.  Her 2 favorite food groups are sushi and donuts.  We are always on the lookout for sushi for her, everywhere we do. She is our resident smile girl, keeping everyone laughing with her (down to earth) sense of humor and unique outlook on life.  She has an infectious personality and I can’t wait to see where she goes in life. 

Oreo – hard to tell – is the black and white cat – ha ha and Hazel is the other one.  Oreo is Ainsley’s and Hazel is Evelyn’s cat.  It’s interesting that the cat’s personalities are like the girls.  We adopted both cats at the same time, but they came from different litters.  At first, they didn’t like each other but they got over that quickly enough and now play together nicely.  They are definitely very nice to come home to and snuggle up with.

Meet Misty

Misty is a grey-haired mini lop bunny that I affectionately call “The Muncher”.  If you don’t know anything about rabbits, well, they are known to eat anything and everything.  She chews on anything plastic, especially rubber and her other favorite thing is electrical cords.  Don’t assume a table lamp will turn on in our house without having to put the cord in first.  All cords are unplugged and up unless in use.  We learned our lesson, but she is also lovely to cuddle with and enjoys parsley and kale the best.